Sunday, July 28, 2013

Between Remembering and Forgetting

In the vacuum of leaving and being left,
People are made.
The loved and lost.
The rejected and the survivor.

Life disciplines in silence.
Teaching when our mentors are gone.
In the light that creates shadows,
The darkness that craves the Sun.

Our comings; and our goings.
Our meetings and departings.
Make of boys, fathers
and women, daughters.

And the people that are made.
In the vacuum of leaving and being left,
Are never lost, just forgotten.

-for those lost, just not forgotten by Chataeu Bezerra

Fragments of you

“Those who have a memory are able to live in the fragile present moment. Those who have none, don’t live anywhere.” —Patricio Guzmán, Nostalgia for the Light

Nostalgia for the Present

Self Preservation

Work in progress

Monday, March 4, 2013


minsan maaalala kita at para nanaman akong binagsakan ng bulalakaw sa mata.